NOVEMBER 8, 2003


Individuals/Organizations interested in entering the Veteran’s Day Parade/ Units / Floats/ Bands or other appropriate entrants November 8, 2003 should complete this application.

Important Information You Need to Know:

Phone Contacts: (540) 885-7970 (night), (540) 885-8837 (day), (540) 887-8024 (night)

Time: Please report no later than 9:30 AM to be assured of proper position. Parade Officials will direct you. NO POSITION NUMBER WILL BE MAILED.

Automobiles: (1) Each and every vehicle must be registered with the official parade form. This form MUST be completed prior to the arrival for lineup. Any signs must specify the "Honoring Veterans Theme".

(2) Each vehicle MUST be insured for the state mandated minimum required general liability insurance. It is the responsibility of the parade entrant to have this taken care of before 9 November.

Marching Units: (1) If marching unit, give the number of individuals. (2) Identify your unit with a sign or banner. (3) If using a motor vehicle all entrants must have a general liability insurance policy in force for the state mandated minimum required amount to cover their appearance on 9 November.

Entry Description________________________________________________________

Floats: Floats must state the length of the float including the vehicle pulling the float. Floats cannot exceed 10 feet in height.

Please Describe__________________________________________________________

Only entries of a nature suitable to the central theme of "Honoring America’s Veterans" will be considered. Applications received after 15 October 2002 are subject to denial, or if accepted, will be positioned at the end of the parade. NO EXCEPTIONS.

By Signing this application, all parade entrants agree to the following:

  1. If using a motor vehicle, all entrants agree to have in force a general liability insurance policy as specified above.
  2. To follow all instructions given by parade officials.
  3. To complete any other forms deemed necessary by the Veterans Day Parade Committee.
  4. To follow all rules that govern the parade. Parade officials may disqualify any entry that is deemed inappropriate at line up.
  5. NO LITERATURE OF ANY KIND may be distributed before—during—or after the parade. The Veterans of Foreign Wars DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY POLITICAL OR PERSONAL CAUSES.
  6. FOR SAFETY REASONS: You may NOT throw candy, novelties or other items from your unit to the crowd.



Complete the appropriate sections for your entry:

Type of Entry:___________________________________________________________

Name of Organization/Entrant:_____________________________________________

Name of Parent/Adult Accompanying



City/State/Zip Code:______________________________________________________


Description of Entry:_____________________________________________________